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The Putnam County Courier

Published weekly on Thursdays

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Telephone:  (845) 225-3633

Fax: (845) 225-1914


A Journal of Politics, News, & Life in Putnam County
Established 1841

Elizabeth Ailes, Publisher
Douglas Cunningham, Associate Publisher/Editor-in-Chief
Caroline Balducci, Business Manager

Joan Byrnes, Ad Sales
Lynn Duffy, Ad Sales 

Eric Gross, Senior Reporter

Rich Thomaselli, Sports Editor

Chris Layton, Graphics

Kimberley Hyatt, Coming Events/Legals

Virginia Califano, Graphics

Advisor to the Publisher:
George Whipple

THE PUTNAM COUNTY COURIER is a publication of The Putnam County Courier, LLC, a subsidiary of the Hudson Valley Freedom Press, LLC, and is published weekly on Thursdays (except certain holiday conflicts),

Periodicals postage paid at Carmel, New York. USPS 451-020

POSTMASTER: Send address changes to the Putnam County
Courier, P.O. Box 185, Cold Spring, New York 10516

Deadline for Legal Notices - Monday at 9:30 a.m.

Deadline for Copy & Advertising - Tuesday at 12 Noon
(unless early deadline is announced for holidays)

US Mail - PO Box 185, Cold Spring, NY 10516,

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Weekly Quotation

‘God gave us memory so that we might have roses in December.’ James M. Barrie