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WEB UPDATE: Candidates for Kent Highway Superintendent - Democratic Primary - Anthony Caravetta

Anthony CaravettaAnthony Caravetta 

Anthony Caravetta

Age:                             53 Years Old
Family Info:                Wife Sally and two daughters Dayna and Stacey
Party Affiliation:            Democratic and Independence Parties
Educational :              AAS Alfred State University 1978 Mechanical Engineering
            Ithaca College- Cornell Local Roads Program School for
                                                Highway Superintendents
Certified Welder (AWS No. 018909)
Certified for Erosion and Sediment Control N.Y.S D.E.C
Employed by the Town of Kent Highway for 26 years, 14
of which as Highway Superintendent
Career Description: The position of Highway Superintendent involves planning the daily work of the highway crew with respect to the maintenance of the Town of Kent roadways; which includes the responsibility for the ice control, snow removal, drainage and blacktop needs; responds to taxpayer calls and needs for repairs on the town’s right-of-ways. I work in conjunction with State and County Officials, addressing the needs of the community. I also prepare the specifications for the purchase of materials and equipment required in performing the tasks of the department. I am responsible for interacting with various town boards for budgetary needs, and overseeing that the funding is spent for the maintenance and improvement of the town’s roadway and drainage infrastructures.
What is the most important issue facing Kent and how will you address it?
It seems that the most important issues facing the Town of Kent are Kent Manor, Patterson Crossing, high taxes, and the lack of business’ in the route 52 corridor. And all of these issues are not under my jurisdiction. Currently, the main issue for the Town of Kent Highway Department is Storm Water Management. These heightened requirements and unfunded mandates trickle down to the highway departments. The
MS-4’s put a large burden on equipment, labor and tax dollars. I’ve attended many classes and have been certified to help meet these requirements.
How will you be steward of the taxpayer dollar? Mother Nature pretty much dictates the highway department’s budget. Blizzards, ice storms, hurricanes, and flooding are not uncommon. All require equipment, materials, and labor to recover. The price of salt and blacktop has tripled since I’ve been in office. Hauling rates, asphalt and plastic pipe are all petroleum derivatives.
How do you intend to balance the interests of open space advocates with the fundamental rights of individual property owners?
This question is not under the authority or control as the Highway Superintendent.
To what extent are you optimistic about the future of Kent, and to what extent are you pessimistic? I am optimistic about Kent because currently we are addressing our heightened requirements for Storm Water Management. Kent is above average in meeting the MS-4’s requirement by the DEP. And to be pessimistic, the problem is these mandates are not funded by the DEP and they put a large burden on equipment, labor, and tax dollars. 
What are your key principles? There are many Storm Water Projects slated and more to follow. I look forward to continue working on these projects and to also serve the residents of Kent.



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