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Look Beyond the School Budget Numbers

Does the high cost of schooling include the fundamentals of education?

Part of a newspaper’s role is to shed light on how tax dollars are spent, especially when officials seek to complicate what should be simple. More...


1. On what date was the Declaration of Independence adopted? 2. From whom did America fight for her independence? 3. Who is considered the Father of the Constitution? 4. Are state and local governments part of the federal government? 5. More...

John Hall Flashes the Busybody Credit Card

The congressman sticks your grandchildren with the bill

Author and Christian philosopher C.S. Lewis called it the most oppressive of all tyrannies. He was in a good position to judge. After all, he’d seen the worst tyrannies of the twentieth century up close: communism, Nazism, fascism. More...

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Weekly Quotation

"God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made mothers." ~Rudyard Kipling