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Key Democrats Are No Shows at Forum

Hayworth, Ball, Katz debate themselves
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Greg Ball, Republican candidate for the 40th district senate seat, answered questions by himself at Tuesday’s PCN&R/ Courier Candidate Forum. Democrat Mike Kaplowitz, Ball’s opponent, cancelled shortly before the scheduled time, depriving the audience of what was sure to be a firework-filled exchange of ideas.

“My opponent was the Sheldon Silver of White Plains and Westchester County,” Ball said, referring to Kaplowitz’s time in the Westchester legislature. “He was the chairman of the Budget and Appropriations Committee … Under his reign, Westchester became the highest taxed county, not only in the United States of America, but in the galaxy.”

The Ball campaign wasted little time in using Kaplowitz’s absence to their advantage. They issued a press release after the debate, mockingly announcing that they will be searching for Kaplowitz. “Maybe Tax Hike Mike thinks the State Senate is a no-show job,” the press release said.

Dr. Steve Katz, the Republican candidate for the 99th assembly district, also stood alone at the podium. His two opponents, Conservative Party candidate Jim Borkowski, and Democrat Brendan Tully, were also cancellations. Katz called for “forensic accounting” of the New York State budget. “That will be able to give us an idea of where we have redundancies,” he said. “There is a consolidation of services that must be done in our state, and that in itself will probably save us in the neighborhood of a billion dollars.”

Nan Hayworth, candidate for the 19th congressional district, was the third solo participant, as incumbent Democrat John Hall had prior obligations. Hayworth, a doctor with over 20 years of experience, addressed her concerns about healthcare. “We want to see all Americans have good affordable healthcare,” she said. “But this is a very bad law … It takes an opportunity and turns it into a $2 trillion bureaucracy … It will take resources out of the citizen sector, out of the economy, where we need to create jobs.”

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