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Same Name, Similar Business Leads to Mistaken Identity

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   There are evidently two different business owners in Cold Spring with the same name—but only one was accused of sexual misconduct this week.
    Cold Spring resident, Robert Viggiano, owner of Viggiano Plumbing & Heating, has been a victim of mistaken identity when another local man—of the same name, also a Cold Spring business owner—was arrested and charged with allegedly trying to arrange sex with a 10-year-old girl.
    “I really don’t care about the other man and I don’t want to comment about his situation at all,” Viggiano, the plumber, said. “I just want everybody to know that I’m not him.” He acknowledged that the descriptions written in newspapers and on the radio describe both Viggianos, who are unrelated. Besides the fact that they are clearly two different people, on paper, the only identifiable difference is that one man—the alleged sex offender—is an electrician, and the other is a plumber.
To his dismay, many have been wrongly assuming he is the other Viggiano. “Before I even knew what was happening, news commentators were at mine and my neighbors doors, trying to conduct an interview,” he said. “Thankfully, they realized it wasn’t me and left.”
    The accused Robert Viggiano, 48, of Fishkill, owner of Energy Services of New York, was arraigned Wednesday on first-degree charges of attempted rape. Reportedly, his arrest was a result of an internet-based investigation that included an undercover officer, posing as the mother of a young girl online—the officer established a relationship with Viggiano and planned meetings with him. Allegedly, Viggiano arrived in Yonkers Tuesday with $400 for the mother and candy for the daughter, as per their arrangement.

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