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Heat hammers region

No relief on tap for Wednesday
Eric Gross

High temps are scorching Putnam County, and there’s little relief in sight for Wednesday.

Oppressive heat and humidity, accompanied by high degrees of ozone in the atmosphere, have prompted officials on the state and county level to issue an ozone health advisory.

Putnam Commissioner of Health Dr. Allen Beals explained that ozone was an air pollutant that can result in serious breathing difficulties for young children as well as the elderly: “People with pre-existing lung disease such as asthma, heart disease or high blood pressure are also in danger during ozone advisory. It is a good idea for everyone to limit their time outdoors doing strenuous physical activity when ozone levels are elevated.”

Dr. Beals suggested if work must be done out-of-doors, “individuals can reduce their exposure and risk for problems by scheduling activities during the morning hours when ozone levels are generally lower.”

Meanwhile, Putnam Sheriff Don Smith Tuesday reminded the public to check on their “seasoned citizen” neighbors during the heat wave.

Smith said his office checks daily on seniors signed up for the “Are You O.K.” initiative.

“While our deputies check on them each and every day of the year,  when extremely hot weather conditions exist, all of us must live up to Putnam’s credo of ‘neighborliness’ and check on a senior living alone making sure he or she is alright,” he said.

When the mercury topped 90 degrees Tuesday, the Putnam 9-1-1 Center reported dispatching ambulances to six alarms for people overcome by the heat.

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