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Message from the County on Halloween

Storm poses extra concerns for trick-or-treaters

Putnam County Executive MaryEllen Odell wishes everyone a Happy Halloween and expresses her concern for the safety of Putnam County Residents as we are still in a State of Emergency.

Before parent(s) make the decision to bring their children Trick-or-Treating or allowing age-appropriate children to go Trick-or-Treating on their own. Please consider the following.

Are there any downed wires that may pose a danger to you or your family's safety? Any downed wire is a potential live wire and therefore, dangerous.

There are a lot of power outages throughout Putnam County. Driver visibility will be greatly reduced due to the lack of residential lighting. Statistics show that many people die more due to car related accidents on Halloween than any other time of the year.

The storm cleanup in Putnam County is underway but by no means complete. Walking in Putnam County roadway can be even more dangerous as there is still debris on many roads.

Check with your local shopping mall to confirm if they are having any Halloween events.

Trick-or-Treating should be limited to areas that are familiar to you. Please don't take chances in areas that are unknown just because they have lights.

If you choose allow Trick-or-Treating, please wear clothing that is reflective or bright in addition to carrying a light source so that you are visible.

Putnam County Officials want you to know that Trick-or-Treating in the best of conditions still poses hidden dangers. After the storm, we have many downed wires, trees which are still falling and minimal visibility due to the power outages. If you choose to take your child Trick-or-Treating, please use caution and be safe.



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