2012-12-27 / Legal Notices

Office of the Town Engineer

60 McAlpin Avenue Mahopac, New York 10541


Subject: Municipal Garbage and Refuse Collection in the Town
of Carmel

As you should all now be aware, the Town Board has chosen to
utilize its authority under New York State law to provide a more
economical solution to its residents in the implementation of a
municipal garbage collection district. Essentially, with municipal
garbage pick-up, our residents are now a collective bargaining
consortium with the ability to obtain substantially lower pricing
for these services.

The Town of Carmel recently awarded contracts for Town-wide
collection of residential garbage and recyclables. The major elements of this program are described below:
• AAA Carting will be performing all Residential garbage
collection at single family dwellings, two family dwellings,
Mother Daughter homes, and Single family homes with accessory apartments within the Town’s boundaries.
• R& S Waste will be performing residential garbage pick-up
at all “cluster” units. This includes all Residential Facilities
that utilize centralized dumpsters (which includes condominium projects, co-ops, apartment buildings, and PUD’s). For
these cluster locations, the contractor will coordinate with each
operating company and/or governing Board which manages
the individual “cluster” units for appropriate siting of dumpster
and recycling containers.
• Collection will be twice per week for garbage and once per
week for recyclables.
• Requests for remedy of service should be directed to the
service contractor (AAA or
R&S). If the request for remedy is not addressed, the Town of
Carmel Program
Administrator (listed below) may be contacted.
• The costs for these services are as follows:
o For residential units described above, the cost is $22.00/
month per home or $264.00 per year.
o For “cluster units”, described above, the cost is $16.67/
month per unit or $200.00 per year.

Public Notice - Municipal Residential Garbage Collection

• As part of the Carter’s contractual scope of services with the
Town, all residents will be provided with 2 bulk collections per
year of three cubic yards for each collection, and one Christmas tree collection.
• The costs will be included in each property owner’s Town
and County Tax bill which is issued every January. There will
be a separate line item on the bill.
• For business owners utilizing private carters for commercial
collection, please note that the municipal Garbage District does
not include commercial properties. They are free to contract
privately with any licensed commercial carter.
• For residents with current contract/agreements with private
Carters, as of January 1, 2013, there will be no carters licensed
for residential collection.

AAA Carting’s approved pick-up schedules are attached, for
your information and use. These Schedules will also be posted on
the Town of Carmel Website (http://www.carmelny.org).

Relative to garbage collection at all “cluster units”, R&S Waste
intends to coordinate their pick up schedule with that currently
being provided by your present carter.

Should you have any questions, or have any issues with the
carters being non-responsive, please don’t hesitate to contact the
Donna Esteves, Program Administrator
60 McAlpin Avenue
Mahopac, NY 10541
(845)628-1500, ext 187
Hours of work: Monday through Friday, 8:30 am - 2:00 pm

In closing, this is thefirst time that the Town of Carmel has
entered the market place to provide Town residents with this
essential service. Much effort has been made to provide residents
with a seamless transition. However, as with any new program,
there is a learning curve both on the part of the Town of Carmel,
and the authorized Carters. We ask that all residents be patient
with us both as this new program is implemented.

CURBSIDE BULK PICKUP In 2013, each property within the Town of Carmel is entitled to
two Curbside Bulk Pickups.The bulk pickups will be a
flex-pickup, scheduled by each resident directly with the Carter.
Thisflex-pickup will provide the opportunity for each
resident to utilize the bulk pickup when they need it most.

Please follow the following procedure to schedule
your flex-pickup:
• The flex-pickup can be arranged throughout the calendar year.
• To arrange this service please contact AAA Carting with a minimum of two weeks prior to the requested service date at (845/914)
• AAA Carting will provide the resident with a Tuesday bulk
pickup date.
• Bulk pickup regulations will apply to all flex-pickups.

The following regulations apply to curbside bulk pickup:
• Curbside Bulk Pickups are for residents’ household items only.
• All items must be at the curb the night before the schedule
• Each pickup is limited to three (3)cubic yards. Thisisan area approximately9’ x3’ x 3’. Any bulk pickups in excess of this amount
will not be picked up and will be left at your curb.
• Residents exceeding the three (3) cubic yard limit will have to
either reduce the size.
• The following items are NOT included for curbside bulk pickup:
Paint, Lumber, Stone, Cardboard, Chemicals, Liquids, Stumps,
Boilers/Oil Burners, Logs, Bricks, Used Oil, Hot Water Heaters,

Batteries, Tires, Masonry, Large Snow Blowers, Trees, Propane
Tanks, Ride-on Lawn Mower, Anything with Motors


Construction, renovation or remodeling debris of any kind,
including kitchens, baths, decks and windows, will not be
picked up.
• Rugs must be cut, rolled and tied so that no roll is longer than
4 feet.
• Refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners or any other appliance containing Freon must be de-charged and tagged bya
State authorized specialist. Consult the yellow pages for a
professional under “Refrigerator and Freezers - Dealers and
Service”. The Carter will not pick up such items without such
certification. The resident, before disposal, must remove doors
on any appliance that presents a hazard for children.
• Please note cardboard, newspapers, magazines are recyclable
items, not bulk items.
• Tires can be disposed of through local auto repair shops at a
nominal charge.

NOTE: Putnam County Hazardous waste clean-up days will be
held by the Putnam County Health Department on one
Saturday in the Spring and one Saturday in the fall
(dates to be announced).
You must pre-register by calling (845) 808-1390,
Extension 43150

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