2013-08-15 / Cultural Events

Front Street Gallery Hosts Group Show Winners

Opening on Saturday September 14, “Life Forms,” features the winners of Front Street’s second annual juried group show, Roberta Dixon of Ithaca, and Millie Falcaro of Manhattan.

Roberta Dixon, the first prize winner, uses acrylic paints to create organically constructed patterns that reveal repetition and change, with the energy and rhythms of natural processes. She considers her genre Abstract Expressionism, which she says “speaks both from and to the psyche.”

In this exhibition, Dixon’s exuberant patterns echoing the most vivid aesthetics of nature contrast with the subdued naturalistic arrangements of Millie Falcaro’s photographs. Her art is photography in the elemental sense that she uses light and film, but this work is more closely related to the photogram process, a precursor to modern photography invented in the 1830s by Henry Fox Talbot. Millie takes us back to photography’s organic roots.

The photogram process requires her to arrange her collected natural objects in the dark. Photography, the essential visual medium, here responds to touch, to tactile cues that become visual only later when the plate is exposed, when the lights come on. Imprinting at a molecular level, the deep presence and essence of natural objects become something to feel as well as see. Fox Talbot called it “Nature’s pencil.”

“Life Forms” featuring Roberta Dixon and Millie Falcaro opens with an artists’ reception Saturday, September 14 from 6-9 p.m. at Front Street Gallery, in Patterson. See frontstreetgallery.org for details.

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