The Courier Returns

After brush with bankruptcy, Putnam's oldest newspaper is revived

The Putnam County Courier is back! Last Friday, Roger Ailes, a prominent Putnam County entrepreneur, completed the purchase of the Taconic Press from the bankrupt Journal Register. Ailes said his prime concern was to resurrect the Courier immediately. He is not focusing on the other weeklies at this time. Mr. Ailes will not be involved in the day-to-day activities of […]

Legislature Opposes Home Health Privitization Plan

Calling it a “no brainer,” the Putnam County Legislature Tuesday opposed a suggestion made by County Executive Robert Bondi to investigate the privatization of the county’s Home Health Care nurses and voted unanimously to continue the Certified Home Health Agency as a function of county government. Meeting before an audience of some 75 residents at the historic Putnam County Courthouse […]

Putnam’s Prospects Promising, Says Bondi

This reporter sat down with County Executive Robert Bondi at the county offices in Carmel for an in-depth conversation. We were joined by Deputy County Executive John Tully and Chief of Staff Lisa Denig. Bondi, currently serving his fifth term in the county’s top post, was elected to that position in 1991. As Putnam’s chief budget officer, he administers the […]

Hall Has High Hopes Funds Will Pump Up Putnam’s Projects

Congressman John Hall (D-19) helped pass the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 otherwise known as the economic stimulus bill, in February. According to Hall’s office, the bill will direct millions of taxpayer dollars to Putnam County for infrastructure, education, and welfare programs, including $1.6 million ithat is earmarked for the Kent Revitalization Project to improve pedestrian and bicycle […]

Of Brave Soldiers, Romance, and Simple Truths

Digging Through the Storied Past of Putnam's Weekly Journal

“Be Kind to Old Folks” Placing the Putnam County Courier in history is a daunting task. The paper was founded in 1841 by James D. Little, and some of its first readers were alive when the United States Constitution was being drafted. Some even remembered pre-Revolutionary America. The paper reported on every major national event since its founding, and faithfully […]

Was There a Witness to John Marcinak’s Murder?

There may have been a witness to the New Year’s Eve murder of Garrison resident John Marcinak. Around noon on December 31, 2008, Marcinak was shot and killed in front of Garrison Garage, the Route 9 towing business that he owned and operated. In an interview last week, Marcinak’s wife Janet told the PCN&R that during a March 27, 2009, […]

Outward Bound Eyes Move From Garrison

The dirt road identified as “Mystery Point,” off of Route 9D between Garrison and the Bear Mountain Bridge, is appropriately named. A long and winding driveway cloaked under a canopy of thick woods and foliage leads down to an old brick mansion, which, since 1993 has served as the headquarters of Outward Bound, USA, which is known for offering wilderness […]

Veterans Experience Great Outdoors Thanks to Outward Bound, Sierra Club

The Sierra Club is not frequently associated with the American military. As an environmental group, the club promotes the “responsible use of the earth’s ecosystems and resources.” But in their mission to encourage people to appreciate and enjoy the outdoors, they recently partnered with the wilderness education program Outward Bound to offer free expeditions for veterans returning from Iraq and […]


Judy Callahan named as new executive director of CAP

Putnam’s Community Action Program (CAP) has a new executive director. Judy Callahan of Brewster was selected to succeed Rosemary Bahr who stepped down last month to accept a new position in Westchester. Callahan brings a wealth of corporate knowledge to the organization that assists families in need across the county after having been employed for 29 years at Verizon. Callahan […]


E-mail survey scam warning

CARMEL—Police are warning the public of a scam being circulated around Putnam County by use of an e-mail message. Office for the Aging Director William Huestis contacted the Sheriff’s Depar tment repor t ing the scam where unsuspecting residents receive an e-mail message purported to be a customer satisfaction survey sent by Wal-Mart. The message reads as follows: "You have […]