$867 per vote in PV Primary RaceFree Access

Primary Day was held throughout Putnam County and at the Board of Elections Office in Carmel a number of races were tabulated late Tuesday night.

The Putnam Legislature’s District No. 8 seat now held by Dini LoBue of Mahopac will have a newcomer on January 1st after Amy Sayegh defeated the incumbent in Republican and Conservative Primaries in addition to winning an Opportunity to Ballot on the Independence Party line.

In the Town of Carmel, a three-way GOP primary for two council seats on the Town Board pit incumbents Frank Lombardi and Suzi McDonough against newcomer Mike Barile. Barile and McDonough were victorious on Primary Day.

A town justice primary in Kent had incumbent Judge Kevin Douchkoff, Tim Curtiss and Pamela Richardson vying for two open seats in three primaries.

Douchkoff and Curtiss won the GOP and Independence Primaries while Richardson was the victor in the Democratic Primary.

In Patterson, a Republican Primary for two open town council seats was decided. Councilman Peter Dandreano was victorious along with newcomer Mary Smith. The third man in the race was Joe Capasso.

Putnam Valley’s Green Party Primary for an Opportunity to Ballot for both supervisor and town council was the most bizarre race of the day when only three people voted costing taxpayers $867 per vote.

Elections Commissioner Anthony Scannapieco called the Putnam Valley election “crazy. We have a multitude of parties in Putnam County and when one of the 27 registered Green Party members decided to wage an opportunity to ballot, a primary election was held. To cost $867 per vote is insane!”

The polling place at the Putnam Valley FD Tompkins Corners substation was manned with nine poll workers on Primary Day who were on the county payroll from 5 am to 9:30 pm.

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