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Austin Road School 5th graders study bats as part of a statewide curriculum. Photo By Laura Lee Holmbo

Austin Road School 5th graders study bats as part of a statewide curriculum. Photo By Laura Lee Holmbo

Bats might have invaded the Austin Road Elementary School in western Mahopac but students, faculty and staff are not the least bit concerned.

As a matter of fact, the school family is thrilled that teacher Mary Jean Cerbini and her fifth graders have placed artist’s renderings of bats on walls throughout the school building in conjunction with the “Habitats for Bats” curriculum project being held in conjunction with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation.

Cerbini noted that children have been learning interesting facts about bats: “They are currently in hibernation due to the winter like weather our area has experienced. A bat’s wing is similar to the human hand containing a thumb and four fingers.”

As part of the project, Austin Road students were encouraged to create and submit posters depicting the knowledge they learned regarding bats such as habitation, hibernation and roosting.

Last week, Cerbini selected three entries submitted to the state for judging. The finalists included: Lena Ademi, Sophia Camastro and Emma Westcott.

Regional judging will take place in upstate Cortland with nine regional champions vying for the New York State title in 2019.

One response to “Bats Invade Austin Road School in Mahopac”

  1. Donna Davies says:

    This school and the students are incredible! While most of the human population would have lost there heads, these students have shown both curiosity and respect for these tiny mammals we depend on for food and insect control. Bat lives matter to sustaining agriculture and are threatened by White-Nose Syndrome. It’s is very important not to disturb hibernating bats. Thank you for respecting them and using this unusual event as a teaching and learning experience.

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