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Justice? Sometimes

are some fascinating bits these days to stream on TV and to listen to via a podcast or audiobook. Here are some of the things I’m watching and listening to now. I’d be interested — and I think other readers would — in your thoughts and suggestions, too.

*Escape at Dannemora, about the 2015 escape of two killers from the Clinton Correctional Facility. It consumed the state, certainly state politics, for three weeks, until one of the escapees had been killed and other shot and captured. The series draws heavily on the report by Inspector General Catherine Leahy Scott. From Showtime, it has seven episodes. We accessed it through Amazon Prime.

If you have been inside one of the state prisons, you will understand how difficult it is to escape. I have been, and could not wait to get back out — and of course, I was merely a visitor. Also, in many other upstate places, these prisons provide vital jobs, and that is indeed the case in many of our nearby counties. As with some other state spending, perhaps the “jobs” aspect overtook the “prison” aspect for some employees.

*Murder Mountain, available streaming on Netflix. It’s a documentary series on Humboldt County, in northern California, where an estimated 60 percent of the marijuana for the nation is grown. The territory is vast, rugged, isolated and often lawless, and the rate of killings and missing persons is high, strikingly so. In particular, the series follows two missing young people, one still missing, one who was confirmed killed. The series thoughtfully explores the difficulty when a hippy/pot culture meets endless money, more drugs, violence and guns. And, the contrasts between the legal “white market” and the underground “black market” as California transitions to legal pot. The black market is not going quietly.

If you are concerned at all about this issue in New York, you’d do well to check this series out. I believe this transition will be troubled and difficult when New York undertakes it, which it almost certainly will. Legal pot is not benign and not harmless. If you have views on this, on either side, I welcome letters about the topic.

*Dirty John, from Bravo. This TV series started out as a podcast, and before that a news story, in the LA Times. It was great work, and the television piece is well-done. I won’t spoil how this romance filled with psychological manipulation comes out, but all three pieces, in different media, were well done. Also, if you have not read the LA Times, the paper does some really great work, even now, after a number of cutbacks.

*Killing Eve. The second season premieres April 7. Sandra Oh won a Golden Globe on Sunday evening for her portrayal of a detective tracking down a psychopath and assassin. The British-made show is available on Hulu. Two very strong women as the protagonists. My wife and I liked it a lot.

Until next week. If you have a suggestion of something other readers should hear or see, send it along.

Douglas Cunningham is editor and publisher. Reach him at doug@pcnr.com, or call 845-265-2468. Letters to the editor are welcome, and should be limited to 500 words.

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