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Thanksgiving Stew


Now that I have downloaded sufficient books and podcasts to my phone, it is, naturally, not storming. But I am prepared, believe you me. I have a few more recommendations at the end.

I hope you had a wonderful holiday: That the kids were home, there was peace at the table and the water stayed on (it was a close call in Mahopac Falls the day before the holiday, see page 1).

Query: Is your child studying journalism or a related field in college? We will again offer a paid internship this summer (see the ad on page 12), and would love to have local students apply. The internship will provide professional experience and guidance, and without question will give students a leg up in their job search upon graduation. The students who have done it have found the experience invaluable, and I would happily work with each of them again.

As promised, a few more of my listening recommendations right now:

*The Audible short, Twain’s Feast, with Nick Offerman (yes, from Parks & Rec). The meal Twain wanted to have on his return from Europe. It’s fascinating. And yes, the race/racism issue related to Twain’s writing is addressed, in some depth. My son-in-law and I both added this to our queue, independently, and it’s exceptional.

*If you’re a Lee Child / Jack Reacher fan, his new book Past Tense is welldone. Yes, it follows a formula. That’s the beauty of it. Reacher lives by rules (his own, yes), and it’s refreshing. They’re simple and useful.

*The Fifth Risk by Lewis, the book-length treatment of what happens when the people who take over government have no idea how it works, is now on my list (some of these folks, in fact, don’t especially care that they don’t know). The tornado short for Audible (which I wrote about last week in my cautionary storm tale) was a spinoff of this work.

*Redemption Road, by John Hart. Cop procedural, mystery/suspense. More literary than most. Woman protagonist. Great listen once you’re into it a bit.


*If you haven’t listened to Caliphate from the New York Times, it’s well-done.

*If you’re really into crime and justice, Serial is spending the season in Cleveland. A little confusing with Crimetown set this season in another northern industrial city, but anyway, it’s quite good. Our justice system is troubled indeed.

Until next week.

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