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The beginning of Hanukkah and the beginning of Advent coincided this year, down to a few hours anyway. All over Putnam County, our places of worship are making ready. And in Carmel, Saturday was a banner day of church festivals, chowder eating, lights and caroling. And today, Tuesday, will see the menorah lighting opposite the Reed Library. A concert begins at 5 pm, the lighting at 5:30 pm.

My wife and put up our tree Sunday. As we pulled out ornaments, several were in boxes from Christopher Radko. Yes, the same fellow who lives in Garrison, and who organized last summer’s Hello Again, Dolly! festivities, marking the 50th anniversary of the filming of the iconic picture, a good bit of which was shot in Putnam County along the Hudson. Small world, indeed.


In the series of outdoor activities to get ready for winter, we discovered that one end of a recently purchased 100-foot extension cord had come off. Maybe a year, two years old. How can this be? I am not one of those who thinks everything should last forever, and cost the same as when I was 18 years old. But really.

We used a lot of cords when I was growing up on the farm, to plug in a heater, a trouble light, power tools, an electric fence and so on. I don’t recall any of them failing. Ever. In years, despite pretty hard use. And, you could actually wind them up, even in fairly cold weather. Besides my memory, I’m pretty sure that if several cords had failed, my father would have had a few choice words about the state of manufacturing today. He also could have reeled off what a cord ought to cost, considering the price of 12- and 14-gauge insulated wire.

Alas, as things are, we apparently are reduced to buying “temporary” extension cords. Crazy.


We continue to get reports, here at Grand Central Headquarters, about issues with the mails, and I am sorry about the havoc this causes. The whole point of news is that it is new, right? Please, if your paper is late, or doesn’t arrive at all, alert us. We’ll send another copy. It is helpful to us to track these instances to identify problematic areas.

You should also know that in our two years of ownership, the papers go to the post offices exactly on schedule. Our labels are placed on the newspapers via an ink-jet printer as they leave the press. But getting to your house, that’s the tough part.

Until next week.

Douglas Cunningham is editor of the Putnam County Courier and the Putnam County News & Recorder in Cold Spring. Reach him at 845-265-2468, or editor@pcnr.com.

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