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A ‘Mechanism’ for the Manhattan


I promised a few weeks ago a new “mechanism” for my favorite cocktail, the Manhattan. The term comes from our own state DMV and the Cuomo administration, who thought we needed a “mechanism” to inspect license plates to see if they were readable. Maybe we could all bring our plus-10 plates into the DMV personally, for said inspection, they said.

Maybe we could all have our heads examined, too. Really.

Anyway, a husband and wife from Putnam passed along their favorite variation: “Our favorite Manhattan recipe of years ago (we now drink red wine) was two parts rye, one-half part sweet vermouth and one-half part dry vermouth, no bitters, and a green olive instead of a cherry — called a Perfect Manhattan!”

This is, I think, a variation on the variation, and surely it will require testing. But alas, they’re now wine drinkers.

Anyway, send in your suggestions and I’ll pass them along. With the state of the world these days, the pace and scope of our political careenings, might be a good idea to have a couple of extra cocktail recipes on hand, yes?


Don’t even try to tell me there’s nothing to do. Mahopac Street Festival, anyone? (Coverage on pages 1 and 8). A high school sports contest? Check out the goings on in Mahopac ahead of the football game last weekend, pages 13 and 14. Of course, later this month, the granddaddy of all rivalries, the Carmel/Mahopac football game.


I was able to speak with a number of readers at the marketplace expo ahead of County Executive’s MaryEllen Odell’s budget address last week. Always good to hear what folks are thinking. Most like the Courier, and they know our reporter Eric Gross. If you have thoughts on the paper, want to place an ad, or even make a complaint, call me: 845-265- 2468.


There were comments after the budget address, during the public hearing, about the lack of a contract for some county workers, and several dozen of them, many from law enforcement, stood in the back of the room. This is a nascent issue. We have not heard the last of this. It will get bigger. Considering Putnam’s sound financial condition — and I am not suggesting that the cupboard be raided, or the spoils divided — this is a problem that should be solved. I have been on both sides of union/management negotiations. I’m not sure we can ask people to run toward gunfire, save people trying to leap from bridges, and deal with some of the worst aspects of society without addressing this.

Until next week.

Douglas Cunningham is editor of the Putnam County Courier and the Putnam County News and Recorder, in Cold Spring. Reach him at 845-265-2468, or by email at

A note on letters: If you want to advocate for a political candidate, do it now. Don’t wait until the final week, when we perhaps must be more selective. Include your hometown and phone number for confirmation.

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