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What a game that was, eh? Often, these Super Bowl games turn numbingly dull, with the over-hyped clash of titans ending up a lopsided mismatch. Not so Sunday’s. By the time the clock ran out on Philadelphia’s 41-33 victory over New England, we had seen a heck of a football game. Athleticism, surprises, barely a punt the whole game.

And then, the misfires. Do you suppose Dodge Ram trucks wants a do-over? I think probably so.

The automaker used Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s words in the voice-over to pitch a Ram truck. The blowback was swift and merciless. “Not sure MLK’s dream was to drive a Dodge Ram,” wrote one Twitter user. Even more striking because the sermon at issue by Rev. King warned against the perils of overspending – on things like cars. And, also, striking because the racial component in the NFL has become so charged this year, with the debates over whether players should or shouldn’t take a knee during the National Anthem, and what that said about patriotism and justice.


Our intrepid reporter Eric Gross and I both pay some attention to college basketball, he to Syracuse and me to Kansas. Eric, in fact, was in Syracuse for Saturday’s game where, naturally, he ran into some other Putnam residents! Alas, both our teams lost on Saturday. Of course, if the outcome were a certainty, we wouldn’t need to play the games.


We write on page 7 that the Sheriff’s Office captain of the road patrol has quit, after a month in the job. Yes, that’s one month. Curious, in the administration of new Sheriff Robert L. Langley Jr. The complete text of the very terse department statement, in fact, was this: “Putnam County Sheriff Robert L. Langley Jr. reports that Edward Swarm resigned, as Captain of Patrol, today, citing personal reasons. We wish Ed the best of luck.”

Recall that in December, Langley told all five of the then-captains in the department that they would need to find other work or retire; it was said he wanted to “hire his own team and shape the leadership culture of the administration.”

Well and good. Reasonable, even.

But now, with a departure from the new team so early, one wonders. I wrote Dec. 5 of the many moving parts in a place like the Sheriff’s Office. Whether the parts run smoothly or the gears grind, not quite meshing. The office is the primary police agency for large parts of Putnam County. Let’s hope it’s a hiccup.

Until next week.

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