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A good friend of mine is a chocolatier nearby, in Newburgh. He had an excessively large box on the wall behind the counter, one of the choices of sizes the customer can select for the chocolates from the display cases. Really, it’s a huge box, and would hold many pounds.

“Why?” I asked one day in my innocence. What person would buy that much chocolate from a shop like his?

He smiled, knowingly and deviously at the same time. “The guy who forgets Valentine’s Day!” He positively chortled: “The guy who didn’t think he needed to get anything!”

So, that’s 8 ounces of chocolate truffles today. Or 5 pounds and a week of groveling on Thursday. You’ve been warned.


Am I the only one who’s a little bit troubled by this massive traffic camera/surveillance operation getting underway in Carmel? Cameras along key thoroughfares, to start out, will cost $70,000 (see related story, page 1). The cameras are not intended to catch speeding motorists, but rather wanted individuals who’ve committed crimes, police there say.

Sounds good, yes? But ultimately, this camera effort is slated to cost $1.5 million. That’s an awful lot of surveillance in a little county like Putnam in a town like Carmel. A town that, by the way, has pretty substantial parking problems it has so far been unable to solve. The initial money comes from a member item and asset forfeiture monies, so it would be nearly un-American to not spend it.

You have surveillance, you put it in the cloud, people are going to want it. Axiomatic. Divorce lawyers and the feds and who knows how many other people. The results might not be as benign as we think right now.

I realize, yes, that I’m whistling past the graveyard to raise such an objection. Ah well.


Monday felt like spring, didn’t it? All that snow and ice Wednesday and Thursday. Then rain, some of which simply made the snow into more ice, or so it seemed to me. But Monday, at last, was spring-like.

Until next week.

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