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Spring? Maybe??

So we wake up Monday, the day after Easter, to more of the same winter weather we’ve had for months. I confess, I no longer have the constitution for this. Perhaps it’s a moral failing (they surely would think that in the Midwest, where I grew up). But I’m done. Bring on spring and summer evenings, Adirondack chairs, flowers poking up, and gin and tonics on the deck.


In this newspaper saga that started in December 2016, when I bought the Courier and the Putnam County News & Recorder from the previous owner, we have remained at 144 Main in Cold Spring, the building right next to the Firehouse. It has served as headquarters for both the Courier and the PCNR for several years. Of course, our senior writer Eric Gross, advertising saleswoman Joan Byrnes and sportswriter Rich Thomaselli are in the field, though still in close contact.

But the building has been sold, with the closing later this month. So as of Thursday, we are moving, to 3 Stone Street in Cold Spring. It’s lovely space. Smaller than we have now, but that’s a plus, not a minus. It’s open and well-lit, and will be conducive to the rapid-fire teamwork needed to get a newspaper or two out. Consequently, a few addresses: To reach us by mail, send a payment, etc.: PO Box 185, Cold Spring, NY 10516. To stop by, 3 Stone Street, right off Main (just down the street from Doug’s Pretty Good Pub. How’s that for coincidence?). And to reach us by phone, which is the same, 845-265-2468. If you have an emergency situation or news tip and need to reach me right away, use editor@pcnr.com. It works all the time. Not quite 24X7, but close.

We have been cleaning, tidying and packing for some weeks. Remember Rolodexes? Ran across a couple of those, one each of the flat version and the super-duper circular version. Likewise, a number of back issues from decades past. The elegant ads recall the Madmen heyday of advertising; the simpler ones are brutally simple. Insurance. Here. Now. Call. Remember when televisions were sold in appliance and furniture stores? And we had TV repairmen?

Anyway, we’re excited about the shift. If you’re in town, stop by. But remember, too, that I welcome speaking to civic and school groups about real news in 2018. Call or email and we’ll set it up.

Until next week.

Douglas Cunningham is publisher of both the Courier and its sister paper the Putnam County News and Recorder, in Cold Spring. Letters on this or other topics are welcome. Limit to 500 words. Send to editor@pcnr.com. You can reach Cunningham at that email, or call 845-265-2468.

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