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A Challenge for Memorial Day


This Memorial Day, go to one of the observances near you. There are ceremonies set on both sides of the county, over several different days, including Memorial Day itself. As more and more World War II veterans die, as military service is something that fewer and fewer people take up, and as the world seems to become more dangerous by the week, an hour or two to thank our veterans and families, maybe even get to know them, would be well-spent. (We have a story in this issue, on page 3.)


There’s a new shuttle to take commuters from Putnam Valley to the Peekskill train station, with return trips in the evening. As with so much in government, this is long in the making. But it’s a big deal in making our transit system work in ways that more people can actually use. We are fortunate, more so than many of us realize, to have high-quality train service and two train lines through Putnam County. With limited exceptions, they operate quite well.

Related: Do we think the powers that be have gotten the message to Fix The Subways? It’s not the overcrowding, it’s not the jostling and pushing on the platform that have slowed down the trains. (Can you imagine, jostling in NYC? Like there are millions of people there or something.) It really is about the signals and the maintenance and the equipment. And we are decades behind in upgrading signals and maintenance. Decades.

We saw what happened some years ago, when all of Long Island and all of upstate became angry, at the same time, and voted in George Pataki as governor. I still recall the reaction in the newsroom (of the Times Herald-Record, in Middletown, where I was at the time) as the votes came in from Election Day in 1994, and there was shock. Dumbfounded shock. How, pray tell, could this Pataki fellow possibly have beaten Gov. Mario Cuomo?

Anyway, if all of the voters in NYC became angry at the politicians over the subways, that would be pretty powerful. More than a little irony that Cuomo’s son, Andrew, is now governor — with control of the MTA.

Until next week.

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