Remembering, on Memorial DayFree Access

Remembering, on Memorial Day


It was perhaps fitting that Memorial Day 2018 was a bit cool in the morning, the weather overcast, the sun fleeting. We could concentrate on the message, on the observance itself, undistracted, if you will.

I hope you went to a ceremony. There was one in each corner of the county, on different days, though most ceremonies were on Monday. I was in Carmel last week, and saw the Row of Honor, the many, many flags positioned along the shore of Lake Gleneida. A striking image, to be sure, as the flags flapped smartly in the wind.


Jennifer Maher, chairwoman of the Putnam County Chamber of Commerce, writes this week about Cold Spring. She and Kate Liberman, Cold Spring’s chamber president and managing director of the Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival, have been diligently trying to dismantle the border control passage residents encounter when traveling from east to west in Putnam. It’s right around the Taconic. Anyway, it’s good work they’re doing and all of us should support it. In this case, the Taconic passage is a border wall we should tear down.


I’m a podcast fan and will often ask people if they have listened to thus and such, or they will tell me what they just found. Here’s what I’m listening to now:

In the Dark. It’s put an uncomfortable but overdue spotlight on policing and justice in rural America, first in Minnesota in season 1, and now in Mississippi this year. Some serious reporting chops at work here.

Caliphate, from the New York Times. So few outlets have staff in other countries. The issues raised are big ones, vital to understanding the terrorism we face now.

Malcolm Gladwell’s Revisionist History: Now in season 3. I’m a grammar junkie, but even I found the first episode slow. The second, though, was a fascinating comparison of black lung disease in coal miners and the impact of head injuries on football players. When do we have enough proof to act?

Until next week.

Douglas Cunningham is publisher of both the Courier and its sister paper the Putnam County News and Recorder, in Cold Spring. Letters on this or other topics are welcome. Limit to 500 words. Send to You can reach Cunningham there, or talk with him at 845-265-2468.

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