Sheriff Don Smith hospitalizedFree Access

At Yale-New Haven for care

Putnam Sheriff Don Smith has been hospitalized at Yale-New Haven Hospital.

The county’s chief lawman brought himself to Putnam Hospital Center last weekend after not feeling well and was transferred by ambulance to the Connecticut medical facility known for its outstanding cardiac care.

Smith was admitted to ICU.

Captain William McNamara of the Sheriff’s Dept. told this reporter Wednesday that he had spoken with the sheriff on several occasions since the hospitalization and “Don is in very high spirits. He has expressed his gratitude and thanks for what he described as the ‘outstanding, professional and kind care’ he was given by staff at Putnam Hospital Center and was thankful for their referring him to Yale-New Haven.”

McNamara said physicians expect the sheriff to make a complete recovery: “Sheriff Smith is looking forward to being back at work in the not-to-distant future.”

County Executive MaryEllen Odell noted that she had visited the sheriff and “Don is in good spirits. On behalf of all residents of our county, we wish Sheriff Smith a speedy and full recovery.”

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