Verbal Fisticuffs at Carmel Town BoardFree Access

Cops Called; Reporter Cites ‘Freedom of the Press’

Carmel Police were summoned to last Wednesday’s meeting of the Carmel Town Board when a reporter for the Westchester-based Journal News reportedly “caused a disturbance,” according to a police report and eyewitnesses.

Police indicated officers were told by several people attending the meeting at Town Hall that reporter David M. Wilson, a resident of Mahopac, caused the ruckus and was asked to “step into the lobby to speak with the officers.”

The police report states that Wilson indicated he was “doing an investigation into Councilman Michael Barile and according to David, when he began asking Michael questions before the Town Board meeting started, Michael became irate and began yelling at David. Sgt. McCabe and Sgt. Kunze spoke with Nicole Barile- Stern who stated that David has been harassing their family and going to several properties owned by them when he is unwanted there. Nicole requested David be given a trespass warning for all Barile properties.”

According to the police report, “Nicole Barile-Stern stated that David McKay Wilson was in her father’s and her personal space obnoxiously close, following them with his cellular phone recording as he loudly yelled at them, attempting to get an angry response. Stern stated this was the second instance where Wilson has been taking pictures of her, making her feel scared and afraid for her safety. She also requested that a police officer be in attendance at Town Board meetings if David McKay Wilson is there.”

The report continues “Sgt. Kunze informed David he is not allowed on any property owned by the Barile’s at the request of the property owner. All parties went into the Town Board meeting without further incident.”

At issue is acreage known as Swan Cove purchased by the town for $1 million – land that will be partially used to increase much needed parking in the downtown Mahopac business district.

Wilson contends that Barile benefited financially from the sale of the parcel to the township. The freshman councilman has vehemently denied the allegation.

Carmel Supervisor Ken Schmitt said the incident occurred “just as we were coming out of executive session. Nicole, Mike’s daughter, was seated in the audience, and apparently before we came out of executive session, David began pressing the woman and as a witness told me was in her face. Mike entered the room and observed what was occurring and told David to ‘back off.’ Mike then took his seat at the dais and again, according to witnesses, ‘back and forth’ took place between Mike and David Wilson over the Swan Cove property in Mahopac. Questions regarding Mr. Barile’s real estate holdings were asked by Mr. Wilson. David was also taking photos of Councilman Barile about a foot away from his face.”

Schmitt said it appeared that “Mr. Wilson was taunting Mr. Barile.”

The supervisor asked his assistant to “hit the panic button” located on the dais and four police officers rushed into the meeting hall.

Schmitt said 40 people were in attendance at the time waiting to address the board regarding another issue.

Wilson was escorted into the lobby. I told him: “Dave, enough! You are not going to behave like that at our meeting.”

Schmitt said Wilson told him he was a “journalist and had the right to ask a question. I told him there are ways to ask questions and ways not to ask questions.”

He told me that “I have freedom of the press” which Schmitt said made all journalists look bad.

Barile reported Thursday that his daughter filed a complaint with the police department prohibiting Wilson from visiting any of his properties.

Barile explained the situation stems from “Mr. Wilson’s possessed mind that I sold Swan Cove properties to a third party who sold it back to the town and we both profited. If the man does the math, his statement is insane.”

Supervisor Schmitt said the property was sold for $1 million to the town.

“I think I am doing the right thing and this man attacks me. I am in the twilight zone with him having to worry about a psycho employed by a paper that contains four pages and a sports section. He will be unemployed in two years,” said Barile.

Mr. Barile said David Wilson “crossed the line. He called me 20 times during the past 10 days.”

Schmitt said behavior like what occurred at the meeting will not be tolerated in the Town of Carmel.

Contacted Monday, Wilson had no comment at this time.

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